BriteWipes® GLASS microfiber towels
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$40 for 20 microfiber towels

ORDER INCLUDES 20 TOWELS -- BriteWipes® original GLASS cleaning towels are the choice of professional window cleaners, maids, house cleaners and auto detailers to perfect the cleaning process...perfectly clear glass. microfiber towels

Streak Free Windows and Mirrors Have Never Been Easier No more chemical smells, expenses or accidental spills. Our premium glass cleaning towel will get your smooth surface cleaner while being easier than any other method.

Save Money - Clean Safely Invest in a microfiber cloth and get rid of the dangerous chemicals. Don’t sacrifice your health or the health of your employees. Our towels will leave a lint-free, spot-free finish that will wow your clients.

Practical and Affordable: Use Again and Again Since our towels can be laundered hundreds of times, you pay much less per use than paper towels or other methods of glass cleaning. Affordability makes our a preferred choice.

Impress Them with How Great the Glass Looks! Whether it’s your spouse or your clients, hit them with the wow factor as they realize just how clean their glass, mirrors, window and screens can be!

Cleaning with just water ...
... a bright idea!

Clean surfaces removing up to 99% of dirt using just water. Quality woven microfiber cloths clean glass streak-free.

Product Details

Product Materials & Construction:BriteWipes® original GLASS Microfiber Towel is a
  • flat woven towel
  • designed for leaving a streak free finish on glass
The weave of the split polyester / polyamide blend microfiber yarn is designed for superior absorption while leaving
  • no lint or streaks behind
These towels have split fibers, creating spaces in the fiber which give the towel its great absorbability. The towels feature
  • overlock stitching
which prevents fraying and allows the microfiber glass towels to be washed hundreds of times if cared for properly.

Product Uses
: BriteWipes® original GLASS Microfiber Towels are great for cleaning any kind of non-porous surface like:
  • glass
  • crystal stemware
  • porcelain
  • granite
  • wood
These microfiber towels are ideal for
  • homeowners
  • homeowners
  • building owners
  • window cleaning companies
  • janitors
  • maids
  • housekeepers
  • auto detailers
looking for a better way to clean
  • windows
  • mirrors
  • windshields
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • automobiles
to a streak free finish ... done right and done quickly.

Our Premium Microfiber Glass Towel is also well suited for leaving a spot free finish on video displays including
  • televisions and computer monitors

Cleaning Method
: Our BriteWipes® original GLASS Microfiber Towel can be used as a spray and wipe type of towel, dry for dusting glass (such as TV’s and computer monitors which attract dust) or for cleaning surfaces that are already wet such as the windows of a car after it’s been rinsed off. For the spray and wipe method you can use glass cleaner or just plain water. When using the towel dry for dusting the positively charge microfiber with attract and hold negatively charged dust particles.

Sizes: 16”x16” (40cm x 40cm)
Color: Light Blue
Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide – 100% Microfiber
Denier: .1-.2
Weight: 300 Grams per Square Meter Stitching: Overlock

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