Mopping with just water...
... a bright idea!

Stop throwing away a small fortune using big-brand disposable mop pads!
microfiber towels from
Our microfiber wet mop pads are ideally suited for dependable use for any hard surface. We have found most people need a replacement mop pad for their disposable mop sheets and our 17 and 18 inch pads are the perfect match. Our microfiber mop pads are quite easy to put to work: simply attach the pad to the mop with our Velcro©-like hook and loop material that holds the microfiber pad securely to the mop head. Tough enough for daily use by professionals but also convenient enough for homeowners, our mops are far more efficient in cleaning than traditional mops and more cost efficient than disposables pads and sheets that can cost a small fortune. When you’ve finished with your mopping job, simply toss the mop pad in the washer to re-use and save.

Many people wonder how we can offer such low prices... Find out why