About Us

Who We Are

Nearly 50 years ago, my father cleaned windows and carpets in St. Louis, Missouri, as he paid his tuition through pre-medical and chiropractic college. For decades he operated a successful medical practice and following his "retirement", he decided to start up a new window cleaning operation in southern California to serve the multi-million dollar home market in the Coachella valley during the latter part of the 1980's.

Over the course of nearly 30 years in Southern California, our family quickly became one of the more successful and well known father and sons window cleaning operations with a small janitorial division as well. 

The microfiber towels we offer are the very same microfiber towels our professional window cleaning teams still use each and every day in the field. Our philosophy is to only offer the products that we know can handle the job because they have passed OUR tests...we rely on them to work just like you do!

Clean It Forward™: It's how we do business

Here at Microfiber Broker™, our philosophy is that we do well as a business by doing good for others, what we call theClean It Forward™ philosophy. That's why we have a partnered with DesertArc to create a team of developmentally disabled American workers who help to fold, count, manufacture assortments of products and help with warehouse logistics and some order shipments.

Learn More about helping the disabled "Clean It forward™"