17" Microfiber Angle DUST mop pad
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$62 for 20 mop pads

Mop Pads
ORDER INCLUDES 20 DUST MOP PADS -- Mop your floors 2x quicker than conventional string or sponge mops! Simple & Easy Cleaning is within reach WITHOUT back-breaking bending or stooping over! Our 17” angled dust mop really cuts cleaning time as you easily zip through your floor cleaning chore and get them clean in no time at all! 

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Place the pad on the floor and stick it to the mop with the easy-locking Velcro©-like hook and loop backing. Used in conjunction with a fully pivoting handle and base; you’ll clean behind and under objects with minimal effort…it really is just that simple.

Dusting with microfiber... a bright idea!

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$62 for 20 mop pads

Tough and Long Lasting Enough For Professionals, Easy For Homeowners. Professional cleaners and homeowners rejoice!  Our microfiber dust and dry mop pad is perfect for you. After you've tried this mop pad, you’ll probably never want to go back to disposable and costly brand names again.

No More Dirty Brooms  Or Expensive Throw-Away Big Brand Sweepers. This Microfiber Dust Mop Is Your Simple Cleaning Solution To Efficient Cleaning. No more dirty or ineffective brooms that only push dirt around the floor. No more costly disposable big brand sweepers that let you throw away your hard-earned money in the trash. You'll be amazed at how much money you have left to spend on things you like...simply by using and re-using these washable microfiber pads and your low-profile, easy-reach, easy-clean mop!

Product Details

Product Construction: Microfiber Broker's 17” Microfiber Angle Dust Mop Pad is:
  • medium blue colored
  • constructed from dense cut microfiber yarn
  • sewn to a Velcro ® type hook and loop backing
  • trapezoid shape
that allows the mop to be wedged into tight corners for a more detailed and thorough cleaning. The edges of the mop pads are:
  • bound overlock stitching
The Velcro ® type hook and loop backing firmly attaches to any of our hook and loop microfiber mop frames, or maybe even attaches to your own microfiber mop frame.

Product Use
: 17” Microfiber Angled Dust Mop Pads are great for dusting and light-cleaning any flooring hard surface like:
  • wood
  • tile
  • polished concrete
  • laminate
  • other hard, flooring or wall surfaces

The width of these mop pads make them quite an effective tool for a quick and easy way to clean your
  • kitchen and bathroom floors at home or at the office.

Microfiber mop pads work amazing for:
  • homeowners
  • building owners
  • window cleaning companies
  • janitors
  • maids
  • housekeepers who need to do a fantastic job while still get finished their cleaning jobs quickly and with no headaches or hassles
The 17” microfiber dust mop pads can also be used to dust off
  • smooth ceilings
  • walls
when a light cleaning is necessary. The density of the yarn and microscopic size of individual fibers allow the pad to get down deep into the tiny crevices of the flooring surfaces and to help ensure the cleaning removal up to 99% of the dirt and dust present.

Cleaning Method
: Our 17” Microfiber Angled Dust Mop Pads
  • works best without water for light dusting
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$62 for 20 mop pads

For dusting or dry-mopping
  • work backwards
  • towards the exit
  • through the room while moving the mop side to side
  • At the same time twist the handle to turn the mop, resembling an "S" or figure eight motion, much like a professional window washer does a "swirl" on the glass they clean
Performing cleaning this way ensures the same edge of the mop is always leading in front, preventing dust and dirt from being left behind.

Microfiber Mop Specifications
Sizes: 5” x 17” (13cm x 44cm)
Color: Medium Blue
Blend: 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
Denier: .1-.2
Weight: 420 Grams per Square Meter (Face Yarn)
Backing: Velcro®-style loop

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