Free Shipping
Here's a Newsflash: "FREE SHIPPING" isn't really free. We simply pay for it out of the profit margins we make. Since we sell such high quality products for such a low price and have no minimums, people wonder how we can offer all that we do and still stay in business. There are a few answers to that question:

First, with "Free Shipping", the more you buy, the higher our shipping cost rise. But at a certain point, we make enough profit when you order an adequate supply of microfiber cleaning towels and mop pads.

We've skipped the tiered pricing structure and give everyone the same Free Shipping, so long as you live in the 48 continental Unites States of America. 

Secondly, we know business is about doing the right thing and helping people, whether creating jobs for the disabled or providing affordable supplies to cleaning professionals so they can earn a good living doing a quality job. We subscribe to the Clean it Forward philosophy, believing we earn some of our profit simply as good will for helping others as we earn a living.

We also believe you deserve premium quality microfibers and mop pads at the best price. That's why we sell the way we do.

A few things make Microfiber Broker (MB) different than most of the mega-ecommerce sites or cleaning industry supply sites: we ONLY sell High Quality Professional Grade microfiber products, we normally sell below their prices for the exact same product (sometimes literally from the same factory), we create jobs for disabled workers in our warehouse and product assembly, we earn a slim, but fair, profit margin on each sale to earn your business.

It is a win for consumers and professionals who get the very best products at the very best prices. These are the products we have used for decades in our professional window cleaning division and we have relied on them to help our teams clean thousands of homes.

We are priced the lower than most wholesale microfiber sources because we deal with the factory representatives who manufacture the highest quality microfibers sold on the market. This gives us an advantage in getting the best prices on towels. We sell it...we use it.